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Rutherford Leather Pump
$45.00 On Sale! $42.00
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SHORT TOE WITH SIDE LOOPS: Rutherford Products Leather Pump (RPLP) is an excellent reel shoe for any female Irish dancer. Suitable for all levels of dance, beginners to open champions. More Info

Rutherford Black Suede Pump
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Rutherford ROUND TOE BLACK SUEDE SOLE: Black Suede Pump is the most flexible girl's reel shoe on the market today. Round toe style and accommodates most all feet. More Info

Rutherford Cavan Split-Sole
$65.00 On Sale! $62.00
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BLACK SUEDE SPLIT SOLE: Rutherford Cavan Pump with supurb arch and toe-point construction for superior flexibility. The short toe allows lots of white sock to show.  More Info

Irish Dance Soft Shoes often called Ghillies, Pumps, Pomps or Soft Shoes, are constructed of very soft black leather that are similar to ballet shoes in texture. The laces crisscross across the top of the feet and are tied up either around the ankle or under the arch of the foot. These shoes are to be worn extremely tight fitted on the foot, which enhances the dancers arch and also toes whilst performing. A good way to test the fitting of your shoe is to point your toes, when you have the shoe properly laced up. If you see a gap at the tip of your toes while the foot is pointed indicates the shoe is too big. When the shoe is too big the dancer's point does not look as strong and accentuated and this could loose the dancer valuable points during competitions.

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